Amado Home Health Care understands the commitment that is a combination of hiring qualified individuals, closely monitoring and adjusting to the changes in the Health Care Industry and staying focused on our goal of premier quality care. At Amado Home Health Care, we hold our professionals to the highest standards.

Through years of experience and awareness of your need for quality care, we endeavor each day to offer professional home healthcare to all who require help with their daily activities. We provide care to patients with disabilities, long-term health conditions due to the natural process of aging, or those recovering from illness.

Our mission at Amado Home Health Care is to be the premier provider of home healthcare service in each of the markets we serve. Simply stated, we will not be satisfied with our efforts until we are the best at what we do.

We have recruited the very best talent in the industry giving them both the tools and the authority to get the job done. Plus, we have created an organizational culture of accountability.

As a team, we take the opportunity to be the leader in our industry and define the NEW benchmark by which all other providers will be measured by.

Mission Statement

  • Become the acknowledged leader in Home Health Care
  • Maintain leadership through excellence in people, management and technology
  • Generate measurable benefits for the patients, employees and the company.


  • Provide high-quality comprehensive health care services to the ill aged and disabled residents of the community—additional support services will provide to the community at large
  • Provide continuity of services throughout the referral process to facilitate uninterrupted care/services for the individual patient clients within the health care continuum
  • Provide the psychological and rehabilitative stimuli for early recovery or the maximum rehabilitation of the individual in the home environment
  • Provide appropriate environmental changes in those situations when such actions is indicated for the promotion and maintenance of health of the individual and his/her family
  • Promote positive channels of communication with the physicians, health and welfare agencies and the resident of the community